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Blue Cave private Tour

Yes, these four(five) words are the most popular keywords people write down in Google when they search for the best Blue cave Tour from Split. And yes – this blog will give you all the information you need if you’re planning to travel to Dalmatia and the Blue Cave.

And yes, we own a domain Bluecavetourfromsplit, not only to give you a simple way to book a great day but to make a difference. And believe us – we have a good reason for that. We are ready for Covid Blue cave Experience! And you? 

Daluma Travel is ready

Covid Blue cave Tour

Not because we offer something new or never seen. Not because we are special. Though, the Blue cave tour from Split is special. We have it because every year we observed and listened to what guests said and reclaimed. When summer stops, we don’t. We read all your reviews, messages, and critics. Wintertime means we need to feel our emotions. You are a traveler, and we can help you. It’s simple – we can help you to make the best of your day in Dalmatia, visiting the Blue Cave on the island of Biševo.

We are trying to feel like a tourist, to make a better Blue Cave Tour for the next season. We really do. And so far, we made some changes. We adjusted the details. We have changed what needs to change, provided that your experience does not suffer at any point.

covid vis cave

Despite the Covid situation, Summer 2021 is on its way!

And people too. So, forget about restrictions and recommendations. Buy that plane, bus ticket and embark on an adventure. Because if you won’t now, who knows when you will?

We have much more serious business – to ensure you the best day off –  a day you will forget about Covid and lockdowns. A best Blue Cave tour from Split in summer 2021! A summer full of challenges, and precisely because of it, a summer to remember.

We are locals – listen to what we have to say about the Blue Cave tour, then decide

Blue cave tour from Split – as soon as possible and without fail! If you are already ready to travel, you are also ready to set off from the coast. After visiting Split, walking through the streets that are 2000 years old, having lunch in one of the streets in the center, or drinking a cold beer on the wall (otherwise, the traditional habit of Split), it’s time to board a boat.

Around Split, you have a lot of islands to think about visiting :

Blue cave private šibenik
The island of Vis

Dalmatia abounds in natural beauty; from the mountain ranges, beaches, open sea horizons, to the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, which include the central Dalmatian island of Brač – the highest island of Croatia. We can say – Dalmatia is a perfect choice for Covid tourism. There is enough space to have your own space!

So, if you start with Brač, along with its natural beauty, this island is famous for the Brač white Stone.

Stone has been mined from the Brač quarries since ancient times and used for the construction of notable buildings, the nearest and the most famous one being Diocletian Palace in Split ( Washington White House too). Objects made from Brač stone can be found in the local souvenir shops.

The local Brač fiestas (‘fjera’) take place during the summer, and they reflect the islanders’ relationship towards their cultural and historical heritage.

The day of the fiesta is marked by a liturgical celebration and a holy procession through the town, ending with public festivities. Don’t miss it – on 5th,August. So, after a Covid Blue cave Tour maybe you should consider another tour to the island of Brač!



Brač Covid Golden Horn
Golden Horn Beach on the Island of Brač


This is the sunniest island of Croatia. Believing or not, Hvar has more than 2 700 sunny hours in a year. This island of heather, sunshine and crickets, the island of lavender, sage, wine, rosemary and secluded coves. It is one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Croatia. 

The most famous towns on island of Hvar are Hvar, Jelsa and Stari Grad. We recommend the town of Hvar as a must-see! Whether you will spend warm summer days on one of the popular beaches on Hvar or on one of the many secluded coves, you will never forget your holidays on the island of Hvar. And you will come back! With or without Covid! 


hvar covid blue cave
Typical Hvar little street
Komiža Vis
Komiža, Vis


This island gathers the best that the Adriatic has to offer. Untouched nature, the scent of Mediterranean herbs, silence at dusk and even louder at sunset, fish, wine and guitars. Before you become a lover of Vis, it is good to read something about its secrets.

Visit the Blue Cave – it will leave you breathless! But when you are already on the island, if you can afford a few days, stay. Rent a car or a bike and go. Bays, villages, wild roads. Itinerary many Dalmatians never experienced. You should not miss this tour,  since we have designed the perfect day for you. You just have to click to book. And wake up in the morning at 7 am, because then our trip starts.

Blue cave and 6 islands

Covid Blue Cave Tour

Book now!

Visiting Blue cave on the island of Biševo

(entry tickets and sightseeing tour included)

– Passing through Green Cave
– Sightseeing small caves on the south side of the island Vis
– Visiting Stiniva Bay – time for swimming & snorkeling
– Blue Lagoon on Budikovac island: free time for swimming & snorkeling on a sandy beach
– Visiting Milna beach on the island of Hvar/ Free time for swimming and lunch in a famous restaurant Moli Onte
– Old Town of Hvar (island of Hvar) – free time for swimming and city sightseeing
– Surprise swimming stop in hidden bays of Pakleni islands (Laganini, Carpe diem…)

18:00-18:30 Finish in Split

No one still knows what it will be like this summer. How much it will restrict our movements and how much it will allow us to travel freely. But we think positively.

Reservations have begun and we feel like never before the enthusiasm for travel. people want to travel. And we will make it possible for you.