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Blue cave & 5 islands tour – visit Stiniva bay

The Blue Cave tour from Split is one of the most famous and attractive Split boat tours. The Blue Cave tour includes a visit to the Croatian islands, and one of the docks is the island of Vis, where you can visit the beautiful bay of Stiniva.

Stiniva beach is one of the most famous Croatian beaches, and it is located on the island of Vis near the place of Marinje Zemlja. The beach is a small narrow bay about 600 meters long and about 100 meters wide on both sides. Because of its specificity and exceptional attractiveness, this beach has been named one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Its specificity is enriched by the two unreachable large rock cliffs that surround it on both sides, which give it isolation, and the beach is also made by fishing houses at the bottom of the bay, as well as catering facilities. All this together makes for a wonderful nature reserve that is protected to preserve the beauty of this beautiful bay. Stiniva can be reached on foot, however, the best and easiest access to this beach is by boat.

Stiniva is an extremely attractive tourist destination for tourists staying on the island of Vis, divers who come because of the attractiveness of the underwater world near the bay, but also for boat excursions. Our Blue Cave Tour gives you an unforgettable experience of visiting the Croatian islands, including the island of Vis and swimming in the most famous bay of Stiniva.

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