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Blue Cave & Hvar private tour from Split

A peaceful and beautiful sight to behold, Blue Cave is a small sea cave on the island of Biševo

Five kilometers southwest from island of Vis lies island ofBiševo. Biševo is famous for it’s many caves and jewel amongthem is Blue Cave which attracts attention from all around theworld. Blue Cave has two openings, smaller one throughwhich boat can pass (you will have to duck down whenentering) and wider one below the sea level through whichsunlight penetrates. As you can see in the pictures, sunlightilluminates Blue Cave in a beautiful blue glow. It is hard to believe it’s a natural lightining. Swimming and diving in thecave is truly an amazing experience. Due to the small depth ofthe cave (up to 16 meters) and underwater cracks, it is suitablefor divers too. The cave is absolutely beautiful and regularlylisted as a must see if you are in Dalmatia.

Island of Hvar

Regularly listed as one of the top 10 islands in the world, sunny island of Hvar is by far our most popular island with a good reason. Hvar is a unique island that offers everythingyou might to experience holiday of your dreams.

Hvar is located off the Dalmatian coast, lying between islandsof Brač on the north and Korčula on the south. Island isunusual since it has its own fresh water springs and it iscovered in lavander fields, olive groves, vineyards and pine forests. Except of agriculture, tourism has grown considerablyin last 15 years and is significant contributor to the island’seconomy. Since then it has increased number ofaccomodation, restaurants, cafés and marinas. Hvar is alwaysincluded in one of the busiest Adriatic sailing routes becauseof its location at the center of the Adriatic.

Beaches are mostly mix of pebbles and rocks usuallysurrounded by pine forests. A few sandy beaches can be foundon north side of the island. Whichever beach you decide for, you will find perfect, transparent and clean sea.

In last few years nighlife has flourished and there is alwayssomething going on. From parties that last all night long to countless events, including galleries and museum expositions. Number of young tourists has increased thanks to populatirtyof summer clubs. If you are looking for a party spot, big beachclubs, pools, animation, international DJs this is place to be.

Hvar also offers quiet cafés where you can enjoy listeningslow music or reading daily newspapers. Some of the bestrestaurants can be found on Hvar which suit all budgets andtastes. In Croatia, Hvar is known for its great gourmet offer,because of high quality ingredients with an emphasis on fabulous seafood  and seasonal products.

However, you can enjoy other activities, too. You can exploreHvar Town’s medieval Old Town built in 15th and 17th centuries by Venetians. Some tourists decide to sampleexcellnet local wines in many wineries. In a last few yearstourists have discovered beautiful lavender fields and there i san actual annual lavander festival held in early summer. However, about the most popular outdoor activity is the one you can read about in next paragraph.

Pakleni islands

Beautiful place to visit Pakleni islands are located on thesouthwest of the island of Hvar. Name is popularly translatedas Hells’ islands. Pakleni islands consists of main island ofSveti Klement or Veliki otok (Big island). Sveti Klements hasthree settlements, Palmižana, Momica Polje and Vlaka.

Pakleni islands are famous for its numerous bays, sandybeaches and coves. Sea is beautifully warm and crystal clear. Although more popular locations might be crowded, but if youprefer peace, it wouldn’t be difficult to find a more secludedbeach where you may enjoy a more private swim. This isdefinitely must see place because you will be talking about itfor a very long time and you will want to return as soon as possible. Pakleni islands are definitely worth checking out!

This tour includes hotel pick up and drop off (times can vary, by your own preference), insurance and fuel cost.


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