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Why is Hvar so special?

Hvar is one of the most visited islands on the Croatian coast, and one of the most attractive destinations when it comes to a boat trip from Split. The Blue cave tour includes a visit to this sunniest Croatian island, and the tour itself is the most attractive among tourists. This Split boat trip includes a visit to Hvar and 5 other Croatian islands, however, a visit to this Adriatic gem will leave every person breathless.

Hvar – the sunniest island in Croatia

Hvar Island is one of the sunniest and hottest European summer destinations and is an extremely popular destination for all tourists who are visiting the Croatian coast. Hvar is special, not only for the crystal clear Adriatic Sea that surrounds it but also for the untouched preserved nature, cultural and historical heritage, specific Mediterranean gastronomy and the largest number of sunny hours a year, which is why it is also called the sunniest Croatian island. Hvar has more than 2700 sunny hours a year, and the climate on the island is Mediterranean with extremely warm summers, which makes it ideal for the summer holidays. Hvar has a large number of tourist attractions, from the old Dalmatian settlements, hidden coves, beaches, rich and interesting history, and cultural heritage, but also the turbulent nightlife during the summer. This island is also a favorite destination for young people because of the large number of clubs and events, so whatever age you are, Hvar is the ideal destination for your next vacation!

Our Blue Cave tour includes a 2:30 hrs visit to this sunniest island, and the boat dock is in the town of Hvar, which is also the most beautiful and attractive part of the island.


Photo by Marcus Löfvenberg on Unsplash

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