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Blue cave – why is it called blue?

Blue Cave private Tour

The Blue Cave is located on the eastern side of the island of Bisevo and is one of the most famous tourist attractions when it comes to the Croatian islands, as well as the most interesting geomorphological phenomena in the Adriatic Sea.

How to access the cave?

The cave can be reached by a boat trip from Split, and it represents a very specific attraction because of its exclusively marine accessibility, but also the well-known inland blue glow. The entrance to the cave was pierced in 1884 and has since then been accessible to the public, so the entrance is smaller and can only be entered by a small paddle boat. The second, but wider entrance to the cave is located on the south side, however, it is located below sea level and sunlight breaks through it around noon.

Where does the blue color come from?

Due to the second opening of the cave, sunlight breaks through the water and is reflected from the seabed, which makes the water in the cave blue but also objects in the water silver. The cave consists of two parts, the entrance where there is no magical blue light and the other part which is larger but also illuminated by sunlight which shines through the blue color. Due to its attractiveness and specific blue color, the Blue Cave attracts more than 2500 visitors daily, whose visit remains forever etched in the memory, but also worth the trip.

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