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The Gem of the Adriatic

Blue Cave private Tour

The island of Biševo is located on the opposite side from Komiža on the island of Vis. Biševo is famous for so many reasons, such as its quality wine Plavac Mali, its beautiful sandy beaches and Biševo is very well known for its Modra Špilja (Blue Cave) which is truly a unique natural phenomenon. Entering the Blue Cave through a narrow pathway on our Blue Cave tour from Split, you will witness this beautiful phenomenon. The light enters through a gap in the ceiling of the cave and creates this blue glowing effect which takes you to another world, a fairytale-like atmosphere. The Blue cave in Croatia is relatively small in size which does not minimize its popularity, but there is an effort to preserve the cave for generations to come and that is the main reason why swimming inside the Blue Cave is not allowed.

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