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Visiting the Blue Cave and Croatian islands after the pandemic

blue cave boat tour from split

We all waited for the start of the new year, thinking that it, like any other, will bring us many new opportunities for a fresh start, positive change, but also opportunities for new adventures. Each of us must have started to fill up our bucket for a new trip, and we never expected that something would stop us from doing so, and that someone would tell us to stay home. The whole world is currently in fear of the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus, and the whole world is currently waiting for that pandemic to pass and that we can return to our daily commitments, but also to our plans when it comes to traveling.

The biggest problem is that a number of countries were not ready for this situation, which led to the collapse of the health system, border closures, global quarantine and movement restrictions. In infected areas, it is recommended that everyone stays in their homes and leave specifically for primary things like going to the store. At the moment, we need to listen to the authorities and the provisions of the Crisis Staff so that this pandemic can end as soon as possible and so that we can return to a normal lifestyle. In this article we will present to you the pandemic that is currently taking place in the world, as well as the current situation in the Republic of Croatia.

COVID-19 is a disease that is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus and it is circulating among animals, from which it is transmitted to humans. This coronavirus was discovered in China in the city of Wuhan in late 2019, and has since spread worldwide, causing a global pandemic. When it comes to virus prevention, it is recommended to apply general hygiene rules which include frequent washing of hands with soap and water or disinfectants, disinfecting surfaces but also avoiding contact with sick people and the use of medical face masks. The virus is transmitted by droplets and lingers on certain surfaces for several hours but also for days. The incubation time is 2 to 14 days, which means that a person who is not even aware that he has the virus can easily infect everyone around him. The primary symptoms of this virus are fever, dry cough, shortness of breath and difficulty breathing, muscle aches and fatigue. Coronavirus can also occur in the more severe forms, leading to pneumonia, kidney failure and death. At-risk groups are older people and people with other diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and other.

There is no vaccine for this virus and it can only be prevented and eradicated by stopping it from spreading. In order to stop the spread, it is necessary to declare a state of quarantine in all infected countries so that people stay home and socially distance themselves. The quarantine includes staying at home, but also closing all stores except primary supplies and banning public gatherings.
Currently, 657 cases of coronavirus infection have been reported in the Republic of Croatia, 49 have been cured, 5 have died while 20 are on the respirator. Strict measures have been taken in Croatia, and quarantine has been introduced throughout the country, and all hotels and shops have been closed, except for those providing primary supply. Until the following day, a ban on moving out of the usual place of residence was introduced, making it impossible to travel through the country to the indigenous population, which helps suppress the spread of the virus throughout the country. Croatia is a country whose main industry is tourism, and for many years it has been building and growing on the basis of successful tourism. Unfortunately, no one was prepared for this situation, which shook the entire economy and tourism industry, not only in Croatia but in the world. We can only hope for warmer temperatures that, according to some studies, could affect the spread of the virus. Until then, it is safest to stay home, to follow the instructions of your crisis headquarters, because this is the only way you can contribute to this fight against the global pandemic.

We hope that this situation will end as soon as possible, that the borders will be opened so that you can travel safely to Croatia, and visit the Croatia islands. You can read about simple ways to relieve  relieve stress and anxiety.

Our offer is patiently waiting for you, as always, we have our Blue cave tour from Split, where you will enjoy visiting the Croatian islands and panoramic views of beautiful natural attractions such as the Pakleni islands.

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