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The Dummies Guide to Blue Cave Tour

All you need to know in one blog!

The Dummies Guide to Blue Cave Tour

When, How, Where, How long and Why Blue Cave?  Answers found in our Guide to Blue cave Tour! Yes, we indeed called it ‘The Dummies’ Guide, but it will rather be a guide for anyone who is willing to find out all about the Blue Cave trip briefly and clearly! Let’s start!

Guide to Blue Cave

Dear Guide to Blue Cave, where is this Cave located?

There are several islands in the waters of Split. Smaller, larger, many of the most beautiful in Croatia would say! Not only because of the indented coast, Mediterranean plants, and gentle bays but also because of the hidden natural beauties.

Among Hvar, Brač, Čiovo, Šolta, there is also the island of Vis. The furthest from Split, and perhaps because of that the most interesting.

Blue Cave private Tour




With its unusual history (take a look at the blog about Vis),

it also hides many caves.

One of them, the most beautiful, is certainly the Blue Cave.



Before all – the Guide to the Blue Cave reveals the location – southeast of Vis, on the island of Buševo on the south side. Where your view does not return from the horizon and where, after a good north wind  called „bura“, you can see even Italy. Where the sea is transparent, the air is fragrant and the rocks are mighty. There is the Blue Cave – your next destination.

speed boats tour from split blue cave

How Will I get there?

The next answer the Guide to Blue cave Tour offer is – How you will get there? Since is not so close to Split. But! With a speed boat, it takes about one and a half hours to get there!  Which, you have to admit, is quite solid. It is summer, the light breeze is dancing in your hair, and with some great music, you are breaking the waves passing by islands and islets of Dalmatia. Sounds great? O yes, we know!

This is why our Blue Cave tour itinerary is packed with islands in order to make the most of your trip. The Blue cave is the first destination we visit. In order to get the very best light in the cave, which is in the morning. So, around 9 am you will be on the island of Biševo! What a start of the day!

If you want to get to Blue Cave on your own – check ferry lines in Jadrolinija, and then, when stepping out in Vis Port, ask for a bus or taxi to village Komiža. From Komiža you have many boats to one day trip to the Blue Cave. But, since this is a quite complicated tour, start to organize it a couple of days in advance.

A Blue Cave tour from Split is worth every penny, says this Guide to Blue cave! and it will afford you an experience and fun that will definitely spice up your summer.

Guide To Blue Cave Itinerary

With speed boat, after Bisevo, we continue to Komiža. This is a small fisherman’s place, on the south coast of the island of Vis,  where you will have some free time to swim and enjoy your coffee or snack. People in Komiža take it slow, and so should you before we head on to the next natural beauty Vis has to offer, Stiniva bay.

Stiniva Bay Blue cave tour
Jump to freedom in Stiniva Bay

The voyage continues by speed boat to Stiniva Bay! Stiniva bay was voted the best beach in Europe in 2016. The boats can’t enter the bay, it is only for people and swimmers, so leave the boat with one great jump and start exploring underwater and the beach!

The bay truly is stunning, we would advise you to swim inside the clear waters to get the full experience. Stiniva truly is a sight to see. During summer, there is a small local Tavern right on the beach. Therefore, it would be a shame not to taste some of the local specialties.

Budikovac Vis Tour islets
Budikovac Island - a true paradise

After Stiniva – Budikovac Island near Vis. There you could get an answer to the question – what Dalmatia looks like!

Then it is time to take you to Hvar island, another highlight of this tour. First – Milna Beach on the south coast of the island, time for refresh yourself and dive with snorkeling equipment, available on the boat.

After, some free time on land. Hvar Old town, rich in history and beauty, quickly became one of the most sought-after destinations for world travelers.  These days, Hvar is lush and exciting, especially to young travelers. Filled with party goers, modern bars with traditional drinks, and restaurants with the best local cuisine.

You have discounted lunch in Hvar restaurants!

You will get all information at the meeting point! With this in mind, your stay in Hvar will be special. There is the oldest theatre in Europe and a beautiful fortress on the hill!

Hvar town
Hvar from the Fortress

Around 6.30 pm you will arrive in Split, and magic finishes. But, there is more to see! We propose Krka Waterfalls from Split LINK with included lunch&drink in the Split center! A tour that A trip that satisfies all your desires

Post Scriptum of the Guide to Blue cave Tour!

The entry tickets to Blue Cave are included in the price, so you don’t have to worry about waiting in line to buy the tickets. This is very important to know because many agencies don’t offer tickets, so you have to wait in lines there on the island. Which can be exhausting in the summer heat. And it’s a shame to waste time in line.

One more thing we have to mention: you enter the cave in small boats.

The flow of visitors and time spent in the cave is regulated by Komiža Nautical Centre. Everybody gets the same amount of time inside the Blue Cave, be it with a group or private tour, or if you just went by yourself. This is preventive for the maintenance of the cave and its value. Don’t you worry – you will have enough time to see all of it, take some great photos and videos, and continue with Our tour.


Blue Cave Tour from Split is filled with excitement, discovery, and leisure time.

In one day we will show you the most breath-taking Mediterranean attractions.

What types of excursions are on offer in the guide to Blue Cave ?

Of course, we have several types of this Tour. Because we are not all the same and we do not all demand equally from daily excursions. All excursions are detailed listed on our official web site but here we will write down the most important things. After all, this is a guide to Blue Cave Tour!

What to take on a Tour?


Take your swimsuit, towel, sunglasses, sun cream, a bottle of water, and camera. Goodwill and a smile – required! 

If you don’t want to eat at the restaurant (think twice if not) bring some food and water.  Onboard, please not drink any alcohol! In return, there might be some wind, so one light jacket can come in handy. Bring some company and have a day to remember!

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