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Are there similarities between the Blue Cave and the famous Grotta Azura at the island of Capri?

Have you ever been in Italy to see Grotta azzura? One of so many magical beauty of Italian coast! And what about the Blue Cave in Croatia?  Do you notice resemblance?

Many world travelers consider the Blue Cave Biševo even more impressive than the world famous cave Grotta Azzura at the island of Capri near Naples. You might think that as well, if you go for our Blue Cave tour from Split.

Painters and poets discovered the famous caves! Coincidence? Maybe…

Painters and poets were the first one who discovered the open sea universe of the Vis Archipelago. The famous Grotta Azura on Capri was revealed in 1826 by the German painter and poet August Kopischa. The Blue Cave – Blue Grotto on the island of Biševo was also discovered by a painter, Vienesse born Eugen Baron Ransonnet. He described it in his travel piece.

This small Italian island of Capri was made famous by Somerset´novel about a man who was so fascinated by Capri´s beauty that he remained on the island for the rest of his life even when he ran out of money. ˝Come to Capri and then die!˝(˝Vieni a Caprie e poi muori!˝).

With this sentence, Capri reveals to the world its magical beauty whose intensity is so great and the Blue Grotto with this Capri´s beauty is still silent about its beauty.

The first discovery about the Blue Cave

There is a novel written by a Slovenian writer about an unknown insular country, which has no railroads, electricity, movies or theatres. You will experience a new definition of paradise, untouched nature, intensive blue color of sea, landscape during Blue Cave tour from Split.

This is the most stunning coastline in Europe. A mix of bays, hidden coves and beaches, vineyards, olive groves and forests of cypress and pine.  Remarkably well preserved ancient towns are an example of Greek, Roman, Venetian and Slavic architecture. Dalmatian cuisine – shrimps, octopus, oysters, renowned wines – is a highly praised kitchen and one of the healthiest in the world.

The last jewel of the Mediterranean

On this Boat trip from Split you will see a part of  Vis archipelago. Some people believe that Vis is one of the last jewels of the Mediterranean and therefore should be protected from massive tourism. This paradise is remarkable, especially because of biodiversity. Turtles, bottlenose and common dolphins can still be spotted in the waters around the Croatian islands.  Because of its specific geographical and historical isolation, this whole area points up rich and preserved flora and fauna.  As you are approaching to this area during the  Blue Cave tour, soon you will be able to conceive youself why this part of Croatia is becoming a worldwide attraction.  To preserve this part of nature and at the same time have a pleasure  is  primary goal. We think it’s possible. Not only us but the future generations also should see this unique nature. The modern world is discovering this once forbidden and unknown island zone of the Adriatic. Perhaps  we can preserve the islands´s heritage  and not turn it into a short-term tourist attraction thanks to the present isolation. It is worth a try!