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Top 5 places you should visit in Split – to feel like a local

Top 5 places in Split
Feel like a local!

Top 5 places you should visit in Split

If you are visiting Split, you must have read at least one article about this beautiful Mediterranean city. Although it can’t compete with European tourist metropolises in terms of size, Split definitely has its assets.

First and foremost, we are talking about an ‘old man’ who recently celebrated his 2000th birthday! The rich history has left a valuable cultural heritage. You definitely need to get to know most of them.


Top 5 places in Split
Split from Above

The climate – it’s the second ace up your sleeve. About 2500 hours of sunshine a year – there are almost no really cold winters. People in Split sometimes throw themselves into the sea on Christmas Day and wear short sleeves until November.

Sunny spot

There’s plenty of warm sun all year round, and the city (which is otherwise a peninsula) is completely surrounded by sea. Warm sea.

Fishermen, boats, sunny cafes, socializing on the walls, walks by the sea, relaxed, easy … Or as the inhabitants of Split would say: “easy!”. This is both a greeting and a message. Learn it, you will need it!

And what are at least 5 places you should visit in Split if you want to be more like a local and less like a tourist?



5 places you should visit
Easy going life


When we talk about 5 places to visit in Split, Riva takes the first place!

Riva (Waterfront) is the main promenade by the sea. A place where young and old, women and men, ships and people have met for centuries. It was Diocletian’s shore, today it is synonymous with Split.

In the morning you cross the Riva when you go to the green market. During the break at work, you go here to have the obligatory coffee with friends. In the afternoon you cross the Riva to swim in the summer, and in the winter you cycle to Marjan. In the evening, more or less half the town goes down to the waterfront to eat, drink, talk or just breathe in the smell of the city.

Any day, any hour

In summer, the whole new Riva, with its dazzling white, is attractive both to passers-by and to those who want to relax and drink refreshments on it.

In spring and late summer, it’s our favorite. It’s not too hot, and you’re always cheered by smiling passersby. Fairs are often held along the shore, offering food, drinks and homemade products. Sometimes there is salsa dancing, juggling and guitar playing. You absolutely must go to the waterfront. Sit down, take pictures of the harbor, the sunset.

5 best places split
If you haven't had a coffee on the Riva, you can't say you've been to Split!


Bačvice is a district in Split, with its own beach – the most popular one! It is a beach that is famous not only in Split or Croatia but also all over Europe. The beach is located only 7 minutes walk on the east side of City Port, popular for its sandy shores.

The water is shallow, even up to a hundred meters from the shore, which makes this beach really ideal for various fun activities. Among these fun activities is one that made it to the UNESCO intangible heritage list. Of course, Picigin.

5 places you should visit in Split
/photo: Croatia.hr/

Picigin is played with small balls that are passed back and forth between players in the style of a volleyball, and the goal is to keep the ball from landing in the water for as long as possible.

Picigin is a unique “sport” in the world, with such conditions, with such a ball. As we know, Picigin is not a competitive sport, but an esthetic sport – to perform parries, additions, fantasy. There are no strict rules, except that it is best when there are five players and when the ball is thrown to another player by itself. With the best possible flight, jump. The art of flying is picigin.

In addition to the beach Bačvice, Picigin is also played on the beach Firule. This is the second sandy beach in Split. And the last one. Also a recommendation to visit it, as it is only 5 minutes walk to Bačvice.

Nightlife in Bačvice is on a very high level. You can say that nightclubs are a great meeting point for younger visitors and tourists. Clubs like Bačvice and Tropic are open until the morning hours and are full of people looking for fun.

5 places in Split
Firule Beach Paradise


Split is a peninsula. And in the western part of this peninsula rises the hill Marjan. Forest Park and a favorite recreation place of the inhabitants of Split. Shade in summer, set up picnic tables and beaches are reasons why you should take a day from the city and go to Marjan. If you plan to stay fit during your vacation, check out the trim trails and the many wild forest paths on the hill.

Access is easy – either from the north to the main gate or from the south via the Institute of Oceanography. Bus route from the Riva – No 12.

Marjan Hill

On Marjan, there is drinking water all year round, and at Bene Bay, you can also have something to eat in the restaurant in the pine forest. On the south side, you have a beautiful view of the whole water area, and you can reach the top and admire the free climbers hanging on the rocks.

Renting a bike is also a good idea. Spend a day on Marjan Hill, feel nature. More information can be found on the map.

top 5 places to visit in split marjan
South Marjan View Point


Matejuška was for centuries a port for the boats of Split fishermen, and the inhabitants of Veli Varoš sailed from here to the sea to feed their families. Even today, dozens of boats are anchored there, nets are dried, bait is prepared and sold, and nearby there is a monument to the fishermen, a large hook.

Matejuška is also known for its convivial lovers, you can see them gathered in good spirits around the grill where the catch of the day is roasted, often with singing and wine.

Despite the growth and development of the city, Matejuška has remained an oasis of preserved tradition and holds a special place in the hearts of Split’s inhabitants.

Fisherman's Port

Among the many stories from Matejuška, the one about Roko&Cicibela, poor fishermen who lived in a fishing boat and lived on casual work and indestructible love, is particularly touching.

People from Split go to Matejuška to sit and rest, listen to a fishing story, drink coffee or more often a beer. In the evening there is a whole nightlife, off Riva’s night, and the view of the city from here is really special. Definitely go there.


Split Green-Market is an open-air market. It’s a place to stock up on vegetables, fruit and cut flowers. Mornings are busy, afternoons are quiet. This is the quintessential Mediterranean aromas, smells and tastes, a place you probably won’t leave empty-handed. Visiting the green market, located between Diocletian’s Palace and the main city bus station, is a special experience.

Ok, the main reason someone comes to this place is to buy food for the kitchen or fruit for the family. The vegetables are in the season overall, but you should know that the prices at the top of the market, in the beginning, are a bit higher than at the bottom. Split Greenmarket is open every day from 6:30 am and say at 2 pm you won’t find anyone.

Whether we are talking about vegetables and fruits or dried meat and cheese, honey or dried figs, be sure that you can always find local products. Of course, there will always be greengrocers selling imported food, but you’re old enough to distinguish what was picked up in the hinterland yesterday from what was picked up in Spain or Italy ten days ago.


Green market split place to visit
Fresh and local

Split Green market t is one of the central places of life in Split. However, only after the fish market. With the growth of tourism, it is also becoming a popular destination for tourists who want to feel the local spirit.

Take some bags with you (canvas bags are a good choice because of the eco-friendly shopping) and go! Immerse yourself in this mix of real Mediterranean atmosphere!