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Heavenly beauty- everything started with Homer´s Illiad

blue cave boat tour from split

Anyone who has read  Homer´s Illiad  will feel respect for this echanting temple of the mythical sea. When entering through it’s gates, we ought to bow down our heads, not only because of the low ceiling but also to show respect for the heavenly beauty awaiting us at the end of the dark tunnel.

Does anyone know, among those who are familiar with Homer´s Illiad, what was the miraculous liquid into which the sea goddess Thetis immersed her son Achilles while holding him by his heel?

Crossing over from reality to the supernatural

Many who have had the chance to visit the Blue Cave on the small open sea island of Biševo know the answer to this question. As we leave behind a bright summer day on Blue Cave tour and enter the dark tunnel of Biševo, we soon encounter that deep blue beauty which flashes at us from the sea.That colour which turns all objects and bodies immersed in it into liquid silver. And we know with certainty that we are in a mythical place, that we have crossed over from reality to the supernatural on a speed boat during Blue Cave tour.

Suddenly before us there exploded a flash of the sea´s intense bluevaulted by an underwater rock bridge covered by thousands of sapphires, opals, pearls,a miraculous bridge .

We are enraptured by the sound of dripping water and the steady rhythm of drops bouncing off the smooth surface of the blue sea. While listening to this music of silence, we suddenly wish to belong to this beauty, to somehow take it within us, in our memories, our dreams.

We know with certainty that we will exit this temple of beauty as different people than the ones who entered. We will remember this trouth many times in our life.

How Blue Cave looks like during a stormy weather?

In case of a stormy southern wind during Split boat tour, large waves come crashing to the Blue Cave entrance and a significant mass of water pushes into the Blue Cave, compressing the air. Under the pressure from the cave water gushes out through the opening as high as one hundred meters into air where it is scattered into droplets under strong gusts of wind. These droplets of salt water then fall onto vineyards as distant as one hundred meters. Many vines in the nearby vineyards have been destroyed by salt water this way.

These scenes are most frequently occuring in the winter during strong wind storms at sea, but also in the spring time when vineyards blossom. But this beauty of Blue Cave Croatia is not accessible to tourists.

The Blue Cave tour from Split will reveal other face of Blue Cave too. The beauty of the element of the  sea which clashes against the cliff and demonstrates its powerful and wild nature.

Since there are some sights that can not be described, only experienced, book our Boat trip from Split!

You will love it!