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Ich kann gar nicht genug sagen, wie fantastisch sie sind! Stjepan hat uns von Anfang an so behandelt, als ob wir Teil seiner eigenen Familie wären. Er hat genau zugehört, was wir für unseren Urlaub gesucht haben und hat alles entsprechend gebucht. Jeden Tag, an dem wir auf dem Boot waren, rief er unseren Skipper...
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A peaceful and beautiful sight to behold, Blue Cave is a small sea cave on the island of Biševo Five kilometers southwest from island of Vis lies island ofBiševo. Biševo is famous for it’s many caves and jewel amongthem is Blue Cave which attracts attention from all around theworld. Blue Cave has two openings, smaller...
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About Us

In 2019 is our 29th anniversary. Small office, founded in Split, has been expanding during all these years to a company consisting of two offices located in the main Railway and Maritime buildings in Split rendering complete services in the complex tourist industry.