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Blue Cave private Tour
Yes, these four(five) words are the most popular keywords people write down in Google when they search for the best Blue cave Tour from Split. And yes – this blog will give you all the information you need if you’re planning to travel to Dalmatia and the Blue Cave.
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secrets of blue cave
All Secrets of the Blue Cave and The island of Biševo you didn’t know! There are so many blogs and articles about The Blue Cave Tour from Split and Vis and Biševo island, and we’re sure you have read it already. Still, in this blog, we will try to answer some unusual questions. We will...
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A strict center of the old part of Split - Diocletian's Palace! The best-preserved monument of the Roman Empire in the World! A place to be!
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Vis Blue Cave tour Biševo
Vis has been inhabited since prehistoric times, and here are some facts about Vis you didn’t know! The island, as history testifies, was an extremely important meeting point of sea routes, but also of various cultures and groups of people of different origins. Find out more about the military history of the island and islets...
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In 2019 is our 29th anniversary. Small office, founded in Split, has been expanding during all these years to a company consisting of two offices located in the main Railway and Maritime buildings in Split rendering complete services in the complex tourist industry.